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Your Ambassador

Suzanne Heegaard

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HI! I'm so glad you visited my page! I can't wait to meet you and introduce you to Noonday. Presently my main jobs are being a mom to six daughters and a teacher. I love the opportunity to influence the next generation so when I heard about the young women in East Asia STILL IN BROTHELS who are getting trained by Noonday Collection to earn a dignified income so they have a way out AND I saw how beautiful the pieces are that they and our other artisan partners make, I was a solid IN! I am proud to say I am a Noonday Collection ambassador. As an ambassador for this fabulous fair trade organization, I get to represent and be a voice for our artisan partners struggling to have a voice and earn a dignified income. They work HARD to climb out of abusive and impoverished situations. What a privilege to speak up for them! Will you give me the privilege of sharing more how Noonday Collection changes lives and provides dignity to our artisan partners? Not to mention I have so many of our beautiful products I can show you and your friends IN PERSON and give you the chance to try them on. Text me and we can plan a time for you to see all the things. Thanks again for honoring me with your visit! 815.739.3984

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